Hall of Shame

Phoenix Nichole Creations - Violated terms of use (TOU). Sold ribbon without the purchase of a commercial-use license. Never paid for one to relieve the damage she caused. Also sends harassing shallow threats (gets her husband involved too). Buyers beware!

Bows By Amy Children's Boutique - Violated terms of use (TOU). Shared/sold images and/or ribbon with Bowtique Expressions (see below). Falsified story and in-compliant.

Bowtique Expressions - Used ribbon made from my images without purchasing the designs. Claims she did purchase my images (I have no record of this at all and she would not provide me with any proof). Very in-compliant, lied, then blocked me.
All the people on here have been given the chance to make corrections to their mistakes and have chose not to and I have made very clear that they would be put in my Hall of Shame as a consequence.

My Policies and TOU can be found on every shop listing, my policies section in my Etsy shop, and the e-mails I send out upon purchase of my items.

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